Our group is acting to create the paces for the foreign resident wivesliving in Ichikawa and surrounding areas and to provide important information in relation to our daily life.
We enjoy various activities such as plays and preparing and eating foods related to the season, relaxation Yoga and fancyworks.
Foreign wives can enjoy Japanese culture, experience tea ceremony and trying on a Japanese Kimono.
We encourage foreign wives to participate so they can get more friends who will give them a chance to use their Japanese language skills.
We hope that these Japanese friends or friends of the same country will help with the problems of rearing children in an unfamiliar country. There are more than 40 foreign members from 10 countries who are involved.
We hope that both foreign residents and Japanese residents will come and experience our activities at least once. We, in our twenties to eighties, are always friendly with each other.

Activity and Fee

Date & Time: First and third Friday 10:00~13:00( Recess in Aug.)
PlaceFMainly Ichikawa Eki Minami Kominkan (This place is subject to change.)
Please contact us to confirm
Yearly chargeF\650
Volunteer insurance feeF@\350/year

Previous Events

29th Anniversary Meeting

On June 4, 2021, we couldn't hold the annual Potluck party, but with the cooperation of the members' daughters, we watched a slide show of nostalgic photos of the past with music. It was so popular that we plan to create a new gaade-up version for the 30th anniversary of next year. At the beginning and end of the meeting, radio exercises will solve the lack of exercise.

Christmas Party

October,2,2020 After a long period of self-restraint from the COVID-19 pandemic, the public hall was finally reopened and we performed exercise of Yoga with sweating comfortably.


October,2,2020 After a long period of self-restraint from the COVID-19 pandemic, the public hall was finally reopened and we performed exercise of Yoga with sweating comfortably.

Practicing Hula@

One of our member became a teacher and taught us hula dance on May 17, 2019. In accordance with the light "Lilo song" song, I sweated comfortable sweat with a gentle step that even a beginner can do.

New Year's partyFThe first writing of the New Year and tea ceremony

On January 11, 2019, we had an annual New Year tea ceremony. Foreign members also demonstrated delicious sweets and matcha tea ceremony as they look like Proffesionals. While waiting for it, we enjoyed a calligraphy experience. I wrote down the first writing for this year and my name in Kanji.

Outing on beautiful day to Ueno@new

We visited Shitamachi Museum in Taito-ku on Novemer 16, 2018 which reproduced the streets of downtown Tokyo from the Taisho era. We were able to experience the life in Japan of those days.
Some Japanese member felt nostalgic with toys and daily living items which they used to have in their childhood and taught non-Japanese members how to use them.
Then, we dropped by a restaurant nearby and enjoyed various Japanese foods such as sashimi, tempura and eel and enjoyed chatting with each other.

Christmas party(December,2017)

On December 1, we held the annual Christmas party.
Well-dressed person and person with native costume made the party gorgeous. We could have a good time with potluck meals, bingo games and folk dances.

Minami Boso bus hike(October,2017)

On October 6, we went to Minami Boso on our bus hike. It was fun to shop and dine at Michi-no-eki, the roadside rest area. A lot of seafood stimulated our appetite.

Tanabata at Yukata(July,2017)

On July 7, a day of Tanabata(Star Festival), we learned how to wear a Yukata, Japanese summer kimono. It was interesting to know a lot of way to tie the obi, band. Then we wrote our wishes on a strip of paper and decorated it with bamboo to pray our wishes come ture.
The session was closed after taking a photo together. We enjoyed Yukata and Tanabata on this Japanese summer day.

AED workshop (June,2017)

We invited people of Fire Department to learn how to help the people who needs a rescue and how to use AED. There were many things that we experienced for the first time, such as calling loud for someone to help, how to give artificial respiration and cardiac massage. It was a great learning experience and we came to think that we will make this experience possible for future emergency cases.

Cooking Class for Chinese Dishes (March, 2017)

Our cooking class in March featured Chinese Dishes. First, we tried to cook the dish made of wheat which we had never tried in Japan. We rolled out the dough thinly and spread plenty green onions on it. Then we rolled it up from edge to finish.
Rolling up the dough was difficult but fun. Other cooking were Chinese salad and dessert dumplings from Chinese home cooking.

Workshop for effective Makeup (October, 2016)

We held a workshop in October to learn how to apply makeup effectively. As a first step, the teacher provided us skin care advise which is an important factor on good finishing.
As the teacherfs advises were so precise, we all were thrilled with unusual make up.
At the end of workshop we were very satisfied with finished make up and expressed our happy faces and minds. It is a good to cherish our minds of fashionable sense.

Bus hike (Autumn, 2016)

Our bus hike of this year went to Bread Factory in Sagamihara and Hattori Ranch. At the factory, we were guided to watch the process of making bread which reminded us of our childhood. Then we could enjoy tasting fresh and warm bread at the factory store.
We proceeded to vast Hattori Ranch where we could see animals living at leisure and could be relaxed. It was a nice small trip filled with fresh air and nature in autumn.

New Year Party (January, 2017)

In January we had an annual New Year Party. We learned simple manners of tea ceremony with tasting gMatchah(Green Powder Tea) and sweets. While we waited for the round, we also tried the first calligraphy writings with a word of this year or goal. Even the members who tried it at first time could enjoy writing with their own words.
We all hope it will be a good year for Buddies.

Body age check (July, 2016)

How old are our bodies? We had a body examination to know the answer to this question by measuring the mass of body fat, amount of water in the body and other factors. It was a good opportunity to face our bodies and think about our own health from various aspects such as dieting, lifestyle habits, exercise as well as weight control.

2016 24th Anniversary Party

In June, 2016, we celebrated 24th anniversary of Buddies
The party was very international as we could enjoy dances from many countries and playing games each other. At the pot-luck lunch time, everybody was at smiling face with many dishes from countries which gave us a hard time to choose.

2016 @Beaded handmade-goods

In March, 2016, we had a lesson to learn how to make a bracelet by beads.
After picking up each onefs favorite beads, we concentrated entirely on creation.
Well done! Everyone made up a fancy, colorful and summerlike bracelet.

2015 Homemade Chinese dumplings

In November, 2015, Chinese members taught us how to make big dumplings.
They were as big as a palm and quite different from the one we used to eat.
Dumplings were so delicious and hearty with fillings of Chinese chives and sakura shrimps.

2015 Short trip to Tokyo University and Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens

In October, 2015, Buddies planned a day trip to Tokyo University area.
We visited a campus of the University for the first time and took a photo to remember this trip at Yasuda Hall. Then we ate Akamon Ramen at the school cafeteria, which made us feel like students. After lunch, we enjoyed a strolling in beautiful Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens with its historical architectures.

23rd Year Anniversary Party

On this June, Buddies celebrated the 23rd year anniversary since the establishment. This yearfs party focused on free talking of non-Japanese members as to what they surprised, satisfied and felt difference between Japan and their home countries.
Having heared their comments, we Japanese felt curious, agreed and were ashamed to hear. Thus we understood that they love Ichikawa as their second home town understanding a good side and bad side of Ichikawa. One Taiwanese said that gthough I sometime came to say nasty things about Japan, in Taiwan I felt annoyed with someonefs lashing out Japanh. We all were deeply impressed by this words and felt happy with good members and atmosphere of Buddies.
Then it was lunch time! Plenty foods from homes of different country members were brought to the table and we enjoyed chatting in Thai, Tagalog, Chinese, English and Japanese. Those different languages said gtaste goodh.

Crepe a la carte

Although I am not good at cooking, I am always looking forward to having a cooking lesson of Buddies.
On May 1, the lesson featured gcrepeh and I could make it very easily. Also a carrot soup with plenty ginger made my body warm. I like Buddiesf cooking lesson as it always introduced me a healthy menu. I tried it again at my home and was so happy with my childrenfs words gMam, it was so good! Please make it again!h

Tea brewing lesson

On Mar.6, I joined the Buddiesf tea brewing lesson at Eki-nan Public Hall.
On this 2-hours lesson, I could learn the history of tea, brands, proper way of making tea and right tasting method. Then we practiced the way of brewing according to the teacherfs instructions. The points Ifve learned were, 1. Warm up the tea pot and cup by boiling water, 2. As soon as water boiled, pored it into tea pot and steamed for three minutes.
At the tasting time, the fruit tea with honey was so good that I could not stop saying gexcellenth. Tea brewing lesson was a good opportunity to meet old and new friends and to enjoy talking with my familiar friends. This lesson made my daily life more rewarding with good tea as I usually do not drink coffee.

The Valentine Day Cooking

On Feb.6, we tried to cook chocolate cookies which one of the Philippine members gave us a recipe. It was well done and a slightly bitter sponge cake and a lot of chocolate coating melt in our mouths. Also we enjoyed a roll sandwiches by the Japanese member which looked nice and perfect for a pot luck party.

The New Year Party

We had an annual New Year Party on the first gathering day@with Japanese tea and cakes. You do not needs to perform the Japanese tea ceremony manners but just enjoy the party.

Ichikawa Citizens visited Tokyo Metropolitan Government Towers

On a clear day of Nov. 7, we, 12 people of Thais, Philippine and Japanese , visited Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which consists of high-rise towers.
Two parties got together on the site from Ichikawa Station and Gyotoku Station and took an elevator to 202meters observation deck which gave us a broad view of Kanto Area. And surprisingly, even the school which Thai children are commuting could be seen.
Our another purpose of the visit was having a lunch at the employees restaurant which served many dishes of foods on a buffet service. After enjoying a tea and chatting time, we went home thinking about next trip.

Thai Carving

We learned a traditional Thai Carving which is said to be originated at Sukhothai Era. Thai members demonstrated how to make a carving with apples and carrots. We tried to carve apples and made swans. Well done! Everyone was happy!

Philippine foods cooking

One of our Filipina members taught us how to make home-made cooking easily by Japanese food materials. Recipes included spaghetti with meat sauce, long and crispy ground meat lumpias, soup and dessert. Among those cooking, rod-shaped lumpias were most popular as they were good for nibbles and afternoon snacks.

Japanese tea and Kimono dressing

On every 2nd Wednesday, we open a class for experience of Japanese tea ceremony and Kimono dressing in the Japanese room of Gender Equality Center. Please join us and enjoy Kimono dressing and green powdered tea with Japanese cake.

Japanese foods cooking

Accommodating a request from non-Japanese members, we held a Japanese foods cooking lesson which featured soup stock made from dried kelps and bonitoes. Soup stock can be used for steamed food, simmered food and miso soup and this extra effort made taste better.

Strolling in China Town and Yokohama

On May 2, we, buddies members, went to Yokohama to enjoy Chinese all-you-can eat buffet. We were surprised with so many foods on buffet lines and wondered which foods to take. This restaurant offered semi-ordering buffet so that we could order favorite foods to cook. After lunch, we proceeded to Yamashita Park wherewe toured the old cargo-passenger ship Hikawamaru.
Following the tour route, we saw passenger rooms, restaurants, engine room and pilot house. Passenger rooms are gorgeous with their Spanish decors and ranked by size and gorgeousness. At the restaurant we sat the table and took pictures of southern European style furnitures. Then proceeded to the engine room at the bottom where many machines were lined up. I came to think over the loudness of this room when the engine fired up and engineersf hardship under this heat.
We finished the tour at the deck where we took a rest for a while.
We returned to China Town and I bought a piece of rice cake which resembled my favorite Phillipino rice cake. It was a long day but I really enjoyed the places.

Letfs cook one more side dish!

It is a sort of headache for house wives to prepare foods everyday. To solve this problem, we tried to cook several side dishes according to the recipes brought by our members.
Many colorful dishes covered the table which seemed to celebrate Girlsf Day.

Lesson- How to brew good instant coffee by Nestle

We asked Nestle company to teach us how to brew good instant coffee. The person from the company taught us teh difference of eachproduct and the proper brewing process. We enjoyed three different instant coffee granules as well as coffee art using chocolate syrups.


We tried to make rabbit shaped small beanbags by remnants. It was fun to see completed beanbags as the faces of rabbits were different each other.

Cooking Class- Thai Foods

Once again we had Thai Foods Cooking Class and it was so well done.
Red curry was superb with its spicy flavor and tasty roux mixed with ingredients.I canft forget the taste of crispy fried spring rolls with sweet and hot chili sauce.The dessert was perfect for winter season.
I was so happy to see everybody enjoyed my Thai Foods.

Christmas Party in 2012

A lot of foods prepared by the Buddies members! This is the Christmas Party every year. We enjoy the food of Philippine, China, Thailand and Japan and the games of bingo with many prizes. We thank this occasion and wish a very good year for everyone.

Day Trip in Autumn

In October, 2012, we had a day trip to Hamarikyu Gardens and Sumida River Line Water Bus cruise. It was lovely weather and we enjoyed strolling the flower garden in Hamarikyu and 1 hour boat ride to Asakusa. The boat arrived the pier of Asakusa which is near the Sky Tree. After lunch at famous Kamiya Bar, we enjoyed free time in Asakusa area. It is always nice to spend a day with members like this.

Twentieth Anniversary Party

Buddies celebrated the 20th anniversary party on Jun. 1, 2012. We express our special appreciation to the persons to support us. We enjoyed each countries' songs and dances we practiced before and spoke good old days story with enjoying foods.

Cooking Class

Thailand cooking class on Feb. 3, 2012. The instructor was Nonrack Furuta, a member of Buddies. We cooked typical Thailand foods.
When we started to cook hot peppers at one time at each tables, we couldn't stop coughing. All of us were cooking with laughing.
Thais joined to each tables and we enjoyed to cook three kinds of Thai foods with chattering the friendly wives' conversation. All food were really Thailand foods and all of us were satisfied. Nonrack, the instructor,said I made these foods many times, but I was so nervous to stand in front of you. Some members asked her to teach us new menu next year again.

Cooking School-Chinese Food

In July, 2013, Japanese and Chinese members gathered at Ichikawa Station South Community Center for Chinese cooking.
We learned the cooking of traditional food in Northern China from one of our Chinese members. She cooked gchunbingh which is rolled out dough made of wheat flour into thin rounds with meat, vegetables and egg inside.
Well done! The food was pretty and delicious. Every member was happy with this Chinese traditional food and they said they will try again at their homes.