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The Ichikawa International Exchange Association (I.I.A) was established on February 3, 2001 to encourage citizens to participate in various international exchange activities, to promote friendship with cities overseas, and to cultivate international awareness in the Ichikawa area. I.I.A. also aims to expand international exchange and cooperation by making Ichikawa an open city to its foreign residents. A number of committees have been formed to carry out this mission.


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3, Feb.
Ichikawa International Exchange Association, IIA was founded by merging Ichikawa sister cities, friendship cities associations (Gardena, Leshan and Medan Cities) and WING.
Akira Sasamoto was installed as the first President of IIA. Made an agreement with Ichikawa City on Volunteer Activities to assist foreign residents in case of disaster.

Aug.: Commemorating 20th anniversary of Friendship City relationship, Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Leshan. IIA made donation to build a school in Leshan.

Oct.: Welcomed the Leshan City Official Goodwill Delegation to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friendship City relation of Ichikawa and Leshan.

18, Nov. :The International Day in Ichikawa 2001 was held to celebrate the foundation of IIA.

30, Nov. :A lecture "9/11 Attacks and the International Society" was given to commemorate the foundation of IIA by Mr. Akira Mizuguchi.

May:Commemorating 40th anniversary of sister city relation with Gardena, Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Gardena. The delegations of both cities held a cherry planting ceremony.

Jun.: Welcomed the official delegation from Medan.

Aug.: Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Leshan.

5, Oct.: Deputy Representative, Mr.Shunichiro Asaba of UNHCR
Japan and Korea Regional Office gave a lecture on refugees.

Oct.: Welcomed Friendship Delegation from Leshan City

Nov.: Celebrated 40th Anniversary of Sister City relation with Gardena City.
Welcomed the official delegation headed by Mayor of Gardena, Mr.Terauchi.

17, Nov.: International Day in Ichikawa 2002 was held.

21, Nov.: Foreign Residents' Committee was founded.

Dec.: Welcomed Leshan City Official Goodwill Delegation.

11, Jan.: Mr. Mamoru Mouri, an astronaut and the director of Miraikan National Museum gave a lecture.

9, Aug.: Classical Music and Talk Concert "Scent of Vienna" was held.

Aug.: Commemorating 15th anniversary of sister city relationship with Medan, Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Medan city.

Nov.: Commemorating 15th anniversary of sister city relationship, Ichikawa welcomed official delegation of Medan.

14, Jul.: Ichikawa city had concluded the Partner Cities Agreement with Rosenheim, Bayern State in Germany.
IIA also founded the Rosenheim Committee.

Jul.: Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Rosenheim.
"Exhibition Japan" was held in Rosenheim to introduce Japanese culture.

28, Aug.: Removal of IIA office

Sep to Dec.: Japanese volunteer training course was held.

1, Nov.: Opening ceremony of Guo Moruo Memorial Hall was held.

Nov.: Ichikawa welcomed the official delegation from Rosenheim.
"German Festival" was held in Ichikawa commemorating conclusion of partner cities agreement with Rosenheim.

Jan.: Fund-raise and donation to Medan was made for recovery from the disaster by earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

Mar.`Apr.: Children's picture exhibition from overseas cities was held.

Apr.: Buddies and IVIS joined the IIA as cooperating groups.

Jun.: Ichikawa citizens' friendship delegation visited Leshan city, commemorating its 25th Anniversary of Friendship City relation.

28, Jul.: "Scent of Vienna, again" Concert was held.

Aug.: Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Rosenheim city, "Japan Exhibition" was held.

23, Oct.: International Day in Ichikawa 2005 was held.

18, Feb.: As welcoming citizens' delegation from Rosenheim, "German Day" was held in Ichikawa.

May: Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Medan.

Jun.: Commemorating 25th anniversary of friend city relationship agreement with Leshan, Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Leshan city.

Aug.: Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Rosenheim. Citizens of Ichikawa were invited to the festival in Rosenheim and joined the parade.

Apr.: Removal of IIA Office (to current office)

Jul. Commemorating 45th anniversary of sister city relationship with Gardena, Ichikawa citizens' delegation visited Gardena.

4, Aug.: "Scent of Vienna 2007" concert and talk show was held.

Aug.`: A college student from Leipzig University came to IIA for internship.

Oct.: Ichikawa welcomed official delegation from Leshan city.

28, Oct.: International Day in Ichikawa 2007 was held.

Nov.: 45th Anniversary of Sister city relationship with Gardena city Commemorative event was held.
Ichikawa welcomed delegation from Gardena.

Jun.: IIA held fundraising activities for the earthquake hit in Sichuan Province. and transferred donation to Leshan city.

28, Jun.: Ex-JICA senior volunteer, Mr.Tanabe gave a lecture on Mexico.

25, Oct.: The 3rd Global Conference of the AFHC(Alliance For Healthy Cities) was held in Ichikawa City in which IIA members cooperated as volunteers.
International Day in Ichikawa 2008 was held.

Nov. `: Training course for Japanese Language Volunteers was held.

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