Home Stay, Visit Committee

Home Stay aims to welcome boys and girls from abroad to our home and share time together with them. The guests experience daily Japanese home life during staying together as one of their family. Host families also find guests’ life style through this special occasion. Home stay is the very valuable chance for the guests to know Japanese.
Home Visit aims guests to make excellent single day visit to our home and enjoy tea time chatting friendly for a couple of hours. It is the very good chance for guests to see Japanese life style.
We wish our members can expand their international communion through these experiences.

Main Activities

We pay attention to prepare useful plan when we welcome them to our home.
We conduct
1. workshops to learn and exchange our experience when we have conducted home stay and visit.
2. Japanese cooking class and guest countries’ tea class.
3. how to make Japanese works: cloisonné work, Edo ornamental hairpin, origami, beadwork and others
4. Kimono-wearing class to explain Japanese culture

Homestay Guide Book

From my experience to host Medan students in our home

Good points
Valuable experiences for family members to exchange with people in other countries 
Bad points
Difficulties to decide a menu since the religion prohibits to eat certain ingredients and visitor’s personal favorites.
Advices for host families in the future
To make sure the foods guests like or not beforehand
To go for shopping foods together with guests
To make sure time for pray and/or necessary matters in advance
To understand customs and eating habits each other

Impressions of high school students who have stayed with Japanese family

1. I enjoyed very much to have been super markets and bought the ingredients for dinners with Japanese host family.
2. I was so helped to shop souvenirs being advised by host family.
3. I was so glad when host family enjoyed eating the local foods I have cooked.
4. I enjoyed chatting with host family very much since their music categories are same.
5. I ensured excellent Japanese cultures such as wearing Japanese Kimono and eating cookies for tea ceremonies.
6. I enjoyed speaking about youth cultures and fashions, played games and folded origami papers with host family after dinner.
7. I enjoyed chatting with neighbors when we had been taking a walk with host family in the morning. I felt real Japanese daily life.
8. We could communicate with host family with body language and writing even though we could not understand languages. I was surprised to see the garbage separated by kinds.
9. The town is beautiful and people are kind. The service in shops are excellent, however I say with regret there are not many people who can speak English.
10. I was so happy to have been served the dinner after hearing my taste and shopping together. I had a poor appetite after a long trip and was nervous since it was my first trip abroad.
11. I was very happy to be presented the album as the souvenir which contained sceneries I spent the time with my host family in Japan.

Events we had

Decorate your entrance with tole painting

It was held at the International Lounge on June 30, 2021.
Tole painting is the first experience for everyone.
According to the instructor, Mr. Noguchi, "Everyone was nervous at first, but once they started drawing, became a painter and they seemed to be having fun.
Participants also said, "I forgot about myself and became absorbed in it.
I often saw it and thought it was nice, but it was a lot of fun to create.
With the kind and enthusiastic guidance of the teacher, I was able to create a work that was unexpectedly satisfying. I would love to participate again next time. "
You will be able to decorate your work and welcome foreigners warmly.
We are thinking about the second time around autumn, so even beginners are welcome to join us.

Ikkanbari  new

Two traditional craft making events were held to deepen exchanges among members and help them to become host families.
On January 19th, 2019, ”Ikkanbari” was introduced, and we learned how to make them from Ms. Noda. First, Japanese colored papers and newspapers were cut and dried on bamboo baskets. For the final touches, persimmon varnish was applied and dried for water resistance and toughness. The meeting ended with a feeling of great satisfaction with the work that everyone had accomplished.
On February 16th, we learned how to make Netsuke laces. The flat knots were surprisingly difficult but we were able to finish them by doing our best to overcome the difficulties. Everyone enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Committee Assembly  

The first committee meeting was held on October 13, 2018 at Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center.
1. Experiences of host family: It is the best for one family for one guest. It is better to stay shorter. Six days are too long.
2. Management of the committee: To make clear roles of HSV. Better to find new host families. To share activities with senior members. Importance to activate the communication among HSV members. Suggestion to begin Home Visit which aims guests to make excellent single day visit.
The hot discussion was wrapped up with stretching their bodies.

Italian Tea Ceremony

Ms. Yasuko Fukugami, a lecturer, explained details about Valentine’s Day and the Italian tea ceremony stated. The room was filled with nice flavor of chocolate little by little. Many of them including the pupils in a primary school had refills pleasantly and promoted very good friendship.

The youth delegation from Medan City

This delegation was consisted of 10 students of Medan city, the sister city of Ichikawa, between July 31st and August 8th 2015. They gained better understand of Japan exchanging with high school students in the city, experiencing Kendo, additional dialog recording of animations, making wind bells, short trip to Ibaraki and staying at IIA members’ home. This trip must have made them the very important page in their lives through this splendid multi-cultural experiences. 

Shichifo Porcelain Class June 18,2016

The beginners devoted to make porcelains joyfully with the schooling of the teacher. After getting used to make them, their technique look like professional and some of them made two Shichifo Porcelains and brought them back. The recipients at host family were pleased to receive them as the typical Japanese porcelain. 写真の説明を記入します

Edo Kanzashi (Ornamented Hair-pins) Workshop

We invited Mr. Hozumi on June 22, 2015 who is Edo Kanzashi, ornamented hair-pin, and maker to learn how to make them. His works are very precise and beautiful so that many people come to learn how to make them.

Tea Ceremony

The English style tea ceremony was held on June 10,2012. We enjoyed three kinds of teas and four kinds of cookies with the style of English tea serve after learning the type of teas. silver trays, laces and cups.
This experience is helpful when we have the foreign guests in our homes.

Cooking Class

Ms. Yoshie Tajima taught us Chinese cooking this time. There were five types of foods such as steam dumplings, maaboo-doofu, Chinese soups and almond jelly as desert. Thirty participants, could enjoy real Chinese foods with the good guidance of Ms. Tajima.

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