Youths & Students Committee

Student and Youth Sections were established based on the Student Section and Gardena City Committee in Feb. 2010.
The main activity is to send and receive the youth delegation of IIA.

Good points

The youth delegations coming to Japan hope to communicate with people of the same generation. Our people make schedule appropriate to their age and interests.
It is very effective and important for the persons, who have been sent to a foreign country and experienced a stay there, to advise to the next lot of students who will be sent.
We can use our accumulated experiences to assist people who would like to host a visitor but are nervous about doing so. Our committees become stronger and more fulfilled when another person describes their experience to the new members.

Student Section

The members consist of College and High School students who have visited Gardena, Medan and Leishan Cities as delegates of Ichikawa City Youth Delegation and related people such as brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.
Main activities
‡@Acceptance of youth delegations to Japan from our sister and friendship cities.
‡ASubscription of high school students who will be sent by Ichikawa City.
Holding a briefing session after returning from the mission.
‡BParticipation in the Citizen Festival by manning our own booth.
We use a group page of Facebook to stay in direct contact with the students who have visited Ichikawa from Gardena, Medan and Leishan before. This allows us to collect information for the next delegation.

Youth Section

It is very difficult for them to participate in the activities of Youth Section since they are newly employed and busy with their jobs. However, they give counsel and advise the members of Student Section and communicate between Student and Youth Sections several times a year.
In the future, we would like to set up exchange meetings and create a network with the overseas students studying in Ichikawa. We also accompany our delegations from overseas and interpret for the youth delegations as well as for official delegations from abroad.

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