Foreign Resident Committee


ETo offer a place where foreigners can freely express themselves.
ETo provide valuable information for living in Japan and promote information exchange.
ETo deepen understanding of various cultures and to contribute to Japanese elementary and high school international studies by supporting some foreigners during their presentation

Main Activities

Our committee is making efforts to create safe and comfortable communities for foreign residents and provides activities responding to their needs. This committee is operated by both foreigners and Japanese together living in Ichikawa. We are organizing social gatherings, such as walking around historical places in Ichikawa and disaster prevention activities for foreigners.

Previous Events

Talk Salon at International Lounge

May 12, 2021h Talk Salonh was held at the International Lounge with 12 participants. The chairperson of Foreign Residents Committee was changed from Ms.Ian Tanaka to Ms.Yoshie Tajima.
Ms.Tanaka led our committee for 6 years and organized Sawakai Meetings, Halloween Parties and especially Global New Yearfs Parties. In the Talk Salon, we talked about the project of gSupporters for non-Japanese residents at Evacuation Sheltersh.
Many of our committee members have already registered as supporter and two more participants of the Talk Salon signed up as supporters on that day. Though the meeting hours was shortened due to the pandemic, we intend to hold this salon regularly every month.
Please feel free to join our Talk Salon.B

"Talk Room" started

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you are all doing well amid the long pandemic.
Since last March 2020, most of our events have been cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19. However, we have tried to organize several online events together with Cross-Cultural Exchange Committee and have launched the gTalk Roomh Salon, to give opportunity for a small group of foreigners to gather. gTalk Roomh Salon is a monthly gathering (every first Wednesday), the venue is being sponsored by Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute in Motoyawata. Last October 7, we had our first Salon gathering while taking the necessary precautions against COVID-19. However, in November, the salon had to be cancelled due to the occurrence of positive cases among the students at the Language Institute. In the following months, the rise in COVID cases in Tokyo and the declaration of state of emergency have further extended its cancellation. I hope the salon will resume when the situation improves.
Also, since the General Meeting this year cannot be held, we have decided to send you this letter that includes the Report of Activities 2020 and the list of new officers for 2021. In relation to activities for 2021, you will be informed by the new officers later.
Lastly, I would like to inform you that from April, I will be retiring from my position as Leader of Foreign Residents Committee which I have served for 5 years. I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation.

Chinese Cooking Class

This was held November 10 , 2019 at Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center. Instructors are members of Foreign Residents Committee, Ms. Suzuki, Ms. Takamatsu and Ms. Tajima, who demonstrated how to cook the four popular Yum Cha (Dim sum) dishes such as, radish rice cake, tofu skin salad, shrimp spring roll and almond jelly. After struggling for about 3 hours to cook, we finally made 4 kinds of foods. We all think they were delicious, especially because we had a hard time in cooking them. Moreover, we enjoyed chatting very much and ended the class with a great satisfaction.

Halloween Party

Once again, this year, we organized a Halloween Party at Kinro Fukushi Kaikan on October 20, 2019. In order to make the participants enjoy the event more, we prepared lunch, exciting games and spooky costumes to wear. Everyone was thrilled by the handmade ring toss game which we prepared strenuously. We also had the Fun-costume fashion show where parents and children wore many unique and scary costumes. Above all, the talk show by the participants was the most popular part of the event. The Halloween party this year was over, and we can't wait for next year's party.

Yoga class and Thai sweets

Twenty-five people attended the Yoga class by Ms. Eri Yamanaka held at Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center on June 30, 2019. It was a relaxing moment and I was able to stretch the muscles that I didnft normally use, and it really felt good. 3 After the Yoga session, our Thai member, Ms. Furuta prepared a popular dessert from Thailand called, Tub-Tim Krob. The dessert was served cold which helped to cool down our bodies after sweating from an hour of Yoga exercises.

Multi-culture Lunch Meeting@

On May 26, 2019, it was held at a Chinese restaurant near Motoyawata station. 17 members from various countries attended. It was also the first time for the group to hold the meeting at a restaurant instead of a meeting room. While enjoying a variety of sumptuous Chinese food, we had a great time conversing in Japanese, as our common language, but we also had the chance to chat in our own languages.
For 2 hours, we had an amusing and fruitful lunch meeting. With this, I feel that we are off to a good start for this yearfs activities.

Global New Year Party 2019@

It was held January 26, 2019 at Ichikawa Bunka Hall. This year, we opted to serve 6 kinds of dishes - Chinese steamed chicken roll, Taiwanfs turnip cake, Larb salad from Thailand, Tapioca dessert from Philippines, Korean Japchae and Japanese Futomaki. Those who came to watch enjoyed the parade of beautiful traditional costumes from 16 countries and awesome dances and experienced making exchanges with many foreigners.
It was a momentous event and we are grateful to many people who supported us.

Halloween Party@

It was held October 27, 2018 and we prayed hard that the weather would be fair, as we had cancelled this event last year due to typhoon. As a result, we were blessed with a beautiful day. We changed to our favorite Halloween costumes at Zennikkei Hall. Most importantly, we were able to exchange information with other foreigners while enjoying tasty lunch boxes. We also had fun playing bingo games, dancing and singing together. B

Yawata Town (Kaiyuu) Exhibit @

gInternational Cuisines & Marketh was presented at the Keiyo Gas Showroom on September 23, 2018. We introduced cuisines of three countries ? Sakusaimu (Tapioca peanut cake) from Thailand, Onion rice covered by Dahl from Pakistan, and Tacos from Mexico. They were so popular and were sold out by noon. At the facade of the building, accessories and bags from Philippines and Peru, and honey from Pakistan were also being sold. People came to shop. Sellers and shoppers talked to each other and initiated international exchange. .

Experiencing "Hakka be tea" & Yoga @

On September 9th, 2018Awe experienced tasting Taiwanese teaiHakka be teajand exercising Yoga at the Japanese room of Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center. Twenty attendees began to learn the basic Yoga lesson instructed by Ms.Yamanaka. Then they moved to another room and experienced making "Hakka be tea", fragrant flavor tea, introduced by Ms Takamatsu. Tasting gBeni-koji Ryugan Mochih, a red yeast rice cake, with Hakka be tea made us very happy.

Bus tour to Kawagoe @

On July 15th 2018, with a sweltering heat of 35., the city bus carrying 46 participants from different countries, departed from Ichikawa to its destination in Kawagoe, called Koedo. After arriving at Kita-in Buddhist Temple, which used to be the guest hall and study hall relocated from the old Edo Castle, we learned about the history of the temple and enjoyed its architecture. After this, we arrived at the place where we had lunch and enjoyed local pork, boiled radish tortoise, etc. We went out under the scorching temperature of almost 40 degrees and walked along the historic old-fashioned town that was crowded with tourists.
We departed on time at 3 pm. All the people on board the bus got tired and remained quiet as the bus returned safely to Ichikawa.

Making broaches and dragonfly-shaped straps, a glimpse of fall

We had our first Sawakai (tea meeting) gathering at the Zennikkei Hall on September 16th, 2017. We were introduced to the beautiful kimono fabric crafts, such as Japanese dolls and small items made by the teacher using old Japanese Kimono fabrics. The teacher was a little apprehensive with the kids who experienced how to make the crafts using needles for the first time.
After making them, they proudly showed their creations to each other.
They wanted to make more, however, the time was over.
There were twenty-five attendees, who made twenty- five beautiful creations.

The First Sawakai Meeting and General Committee Assembly

A general meeting was held on June 18th, 2017 to present our events and activities for this year. We regarded highly the events such as, Halloween Party and New Year Party. We exchanged thoughts and opinions as to how we should introduce foreign cultures, custom, and cuisines how we can pleasantly work together with foreigners living in Japan.Ian, chaired the committee and explained the plans for next year. She mentioned that there has been an increase in foreign membership of the committee. However, we should continue to exert more efforts.

The Japanese students made speeches for the foreigners about the Japanese culture.

Date: February 17. Place: Nakayama elementary school.
The international understanding class ? one of the organization in the foreignersf association ? held a presentation for the foreigners to introduce various sorts of the Japanese culture. 
The speakers were the Japanese elementary schoolsf students using English and the ten audience came from China, Thailand, Philippine and the U.S. 
The speech included wide range of course, the natural assets in Japan, Anime, traditional Japanese musical instruments, unique Japanese cuisine, for example. And the speakers had explained with SNS, You-tube, I-pad to let the audience can understand easily. 
After having the speech, the speakers and the audience had a wonderful time over chatting and eating. At the same time, the foreigners had pleased to get to know about the Japanfs education system. 

The general meeting of the Foreignersf Association

It was held on February 19, 2017. The meeting was ended formally. 
Look at the last one year, the Association had performed and contributed to the members and the community, like a nice bus ride, cooking schools with many countries, and lots of training courses under cooperate with the City Hall, such as road safety practice and separate trash. 

Global new yearfs party

One of the annual big events gthe global new yearfs partyh was thrown at the Gyotoku Kominkan on January 21, 2017. One hundred and twelve people participated from the 12 countries. The party was warmed up with the dishes from 5 countries, songs from 6 countries. Japanese special was a bamboo flute ? shakuhachi ? and Taichi performance. And more, all the members were excited by the passionate folk dances came from Thailand, Myanmar and Bolivia. Thanks to all the participants, the party was a great success. 

Halloween party.

A year-round event in Japan, gHalloweenh season had come this year too. On 30, October,2016, the members got together at the community hall with elaborated make ups and Halloween costumes. They really enjoyed the indoor games along with their homemade obento or brown bags. Finally, they began dancing of their own accord. 

Migration exhibit at Yawata area.

The foreignersf Association had cooperated with this Exhibit every year. The volunteer members made genuine Chinese dumplings or pot-stickers at the site on that day. There were a lot of customers who bought them and took home, as well as eat standing.B

Tea party and cooking

Our Association held a tea party on July 16, 2016. The members enjoyed cooking curry and rice a la Thailand under the direction of Ms. Furuta. Then, tasted with hot rice kept saying @@gtoo hot, but too good!h

Free-talking session

The association had thrown a free-talk session instead of the annual general meeting for 2016, on May 22, 2016. The members looked back the events and looked forward for the next fiscal year with tea and refreshments. 

gLunar New Year Partyh on February 20, 2016 at Gyotoku Kominkan

It was the first time for us to have this kind of big event. We were so concerned about its outcome, so we started preparation for the venue, performance, and food to be served two months before. We planned very carefully and worked very hard - determined to make it a success.
Boiled Chinese dumplings (suigyouza) were prepared from the wrappers. There 10 kinds of foods served - roasted pork, white radish rice-cake, steamed bread, almond jelly, Chinese style pickles, chizimi from Korea, spring rolls from Vietnam, minced meat salad from Thailand and coconut jelly from Myanmar. Foreigners offered to cook their traditional dishes for 83 participants.
The second part of the party was entertainment. Folk dances from Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam were performed. Chinese students sang a Japanese song and a Japanese duo played erhu (Chinese violin). There was also an exhibit of other countryfs traditional costumes and demonstration of Japanese traditional games such as kendama. The city hall had a booth displaying emergency foods for foreigners who are not familiar to disasters and distributed Disaster Information maps.
It was a pleasant festival and we appreciate the attendance of all the people who joined us in this special occasion.

Free Talk Meeting

No theme was decided in the meeting. Everyone was free to talk about any topic they like. They were also free to ask or consult any problems they may have.
Last December 12, 2015, 16 members gathered for this meeting - three Japanese, one Korean, two Taiwanese and ten Chinese. Some newcomers to Japan spoke in their own language. We talked about the problems and funny experiences we had when we first came to Japan. Most people studied Japanese very hard since they liked to be accustomed to Japan as soon as possible. One person said she was living in Japan more than 16 years, however she was struggling in child-rearing by herself. By joining IIA, she had the chance to meet a mother with the same problem and was able to resolve it.
When it was time for the meeting to end, everyone was in good spirit and wanted to talk

Reduction of garbage

The lecture event that aims to reduce garbage was held on November 14, 2016 at the Temporary Recycle Sections Office of the City hall. The city officials talked about the proper way to separate garbage, depending on the type of garbage, and on how to dispose and reuse. They told us that the Clean Center (Garbage Disposal Center) in Ichikawa is already decrepit and has reached its limitation. It helped us understand the necessity to reduce garbage and helped instill the consciousness to do it. The second part of the event was the tea time where we exchanged information about the garbage system and garbage reduction being practiced in our home countries.

Disaster prevention drill

It was held at regional disaster prevention bases which are 39 primary schools in the city on August 30, 2015. Many foreigners joined this drill in the Niihama and Kitakata Primary Schools. There were fire engines, an ambulance car, copfs vehicles and special vehicles of SDF. They demonstrated how to evacuate in smoke, resuscitate using AED and others. They also experienced procedures in the evacuation shelters.

About Traffic Safety

36 people from 10 countries joined a lecture on traffic safety on September 19, 2015, held at Masala Kaya Indian Restaurant in Motoyawata. Using powerpoint slides, 2 police lecturers conducted a presentation about traffic condition in Japan and on how to ride a bicycle safely. After this lecture, we had lunch while chatting, enjoying quiz and exchanged information in the Japanese language while having lunch of tasty Indian food. Freshly-baked naans were enjoyed by everyone, that some of them ordered for some more. Naans were served free of charge after the second order. We were all satisfied with the set lunch prepared by this restaurant and expressed enthusiasm in seeing each other again.

"Knowing the World" class (Co-hosted by Cross Cultural Committee)

We conducted "Knowing the World class" at Hirata Primary School. Ms. Tajima, originally coming from Taiwan, and Ms. Tanaka, from Philippines taught them with frequent Japanese about their home countries on June 3, 2015.
Stephan from Sweden, Daniel from Spain and Sanbotan from Nepal spoke about their home countries next week at the same school in Japanese and English very enthusiastically. Three of them are learning Japanese now. School kids must be encouraged knowing the world.

Day Camp

One of the international exchange events gInternational Exchange Day Camp/You are the goodwill ambassador todayh was held on July 21, 2014 at Ichikawa Citizen Campsite under the auspices of Foreign Residentsf Committee.
Around 90 people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Philippine, New Zealand and Japanese were gathered in the campsite where surrounded by the deep green forest.
The staffers of the Committee produced a lot of fun programs such as game plays, handmade lunch, and Japanese-tea service with sweets, handicraft of paper fan and so forth. Above all, g SOMEN NAGASHI(flowing noodles)h was the high light among even the Japanese not to mention the Foreigners. In the meantime, the participants enjoyed talking each other in English and Japanese language.
The foreign participants said gwe had a lot of the unique Japanese cultural experience today.h
As a result of the staffersf elaborate arrangements, this event concluded successfully.

Paper folding Class(Origami)

The Foreign Resident Committee held a workshop for manual crafts of ORIGAMI (the art of paper holding) together with foreign students and made paper dolls OHINASAMA on Jul.14, 2014. All the students did a good job and they all got pleasure from making handmade dolls as dolls would be Japanfs wonderful souvenir.

Bus Tour for the Disaster Prevention Center and Shibamata Taishakuten

It was planned to have foreigners living in Ichikawa recognize the importance of disaster prevention. We went to the disaster prevention center in Matsudo on May 25, 2014. We have watched the video which showed the disastrous sites and introduced the facility of this center. We, experienced the man-made earthquake, severe storm, evacuation from the smoke and spraying by the fire extinguisher. Those experiences were so useful when it happens actually.
We, then, went to Shibamata Taishakuten using the traditional Japanese boat on Edogawa River. Many enjoyed shopping and eating such as the famous Takagiyafs grass rice cake.

Annual Meeting and Hokekyouji

Our committee had the annual meeting on March 1, 2014. After the meeting, we have taken a walk in the Nakayama Hokekyouji and enjoyed to see the doll festival. There were many dolls exhibited from 70 years ago to now. We also enjoyed seeing the dolls as well as the tea ceremony which we actually participated at Seika en. Foreigners enjoyed and renewed the beautiful Japanese cultures.B

Disaster Prevention Seminar

Disaster Prevention Seminar for Foreigners and Japanese
It was held on Dec. 15, 2013 at the Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center.
It was the first time to invite foreigners to join the disaster prevention seminar in Ichikawa that is renewing the disaster prevention plan. The rescue officer instructed us the way how to use the AED. There was the area which showed the evacuation area you live.
The interpreters and information materials written in each language were well accepted by the attendees.
They were glad to have had this good opportunity.

Knowing Ichikawa more: Nakayama Hokekyo Temple

We searched Hokekyo Temple in Ichikawa on Jul. 13, 2011 as the first event of Foreign Resident Committee in this year. It looked like a summer day though it was the end of the rainy season and thirty people gathered were walking with keeping away from the strong sunshine.
We enjoyed very much to watch the Hokekyo Temple which is the very important Culture Heritage and Ichikawa is proud of with the the guidance of Mr. Nagai, Ichikawa Volunteers' Guide Group.

Temple Tour in Gyotoku

We walked around Tkuganji Temple, Myoukakuji Temple, Jourenji Temple and so on seeing paintings and wall scrolls which are national treasure level with the guide of Ichikawa Volunteers' Guide Group under the beautiful spring sky on Mar. 25, 2012 .There were events at many places as Teramachi Kaiyuten were being held and we could feel the history of Gyotoku again.

Spring Exchange Party

I appreciate you to have participated to the Spring Tea Party. We held the Spring Tea Party, the first get-together in this year, at Yawata Shimin Danwashitsu in the afternoon of May 27, 2012.
We started from the explanation and demonstration of Chinese tea ceremony by the members after the self-introduction, introduction of the stuffs and the speech of the new chairperson. Many members were interested in rare Chinese, teas and the way to serve the tea.
Time has passed quickly since we enjoyed very much to communicate each other while taking Brazilian and South African teas and Taiwanese cookies. Children played rare games of Philippines.
It was so crowded by more than 30 people who were Chinese, Taiwanese, American, Nepalian, Brazilian and current, new, and potential members.There were many new members this time and they suggested several new ideas. Thank you very much.