Leshan City Committee

History, Purpose

We have been engaged in various exchange activities with Leshan City, China after concluding a friendship treaty in 1981.

Main activities:
1) Exchanging youth delegations from both cities
Developing friendships between the younger generation through short, summer home stay programs in both Ichikawa and Leshan cities.
2) Intercommunication between citizens friendship delegations
Accompanied by a formal delegation from Ichikawa City, the citizens' friendship delegation visits Leshan City. We also cultivate intercommunioncation with the friendship delegation of Leshan City when they visit Ichikawa.
3) Exchange with Chinese residents and overseas students who live in Ichikawa City.
Introducing high quality Chinese films.
4) Activities, getting more understanding of China
Scene of language class
Appreciating the exhibitions of Chinese calligraphies, paintings, music, plays, lectures and language classes, we promote better understanding China and Chinese cultures.
We welcome all persons who are interested in the above activities.

Previous Events

Impression after hearing the lecture  new

On October 26, 2019, the commemorative lecture of 15th Anniversary of Kaku Matsu Jaku (Guo Moruo) Memorial Hall was held at Yoshizawa Garden Gallery. The lecturer, Ms. Lina Fujita (Guo Moruo’s granddaughter) began her speech by mentioning that her grandfather was known as a politician, but he worked as a poet, calligrapher and archaeologist in his second home, Ichikawa. She narrated many stories which Guo Moruo and his Japanese wife, Tomi Sato experienced in Ichikawa. These were sometimes hard and painful experiences but they also had love and joy which came from warm bonds with Japanese people. Ms Rina Fujita concluded that Guo Moruo initiated friendly relations between Japan and China.
(#74, P6)

Chinese Cooking Class  new

It was held November 10, 2019 at Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center. Instructors are members of IIA, Ms. Suzuki, Ms. Takamatsu and Ms. Tajima, who demonstrated how to cook the four popular Yum Cha (Dim sum) dishes such as, radish rice cake, tofu skin salad, shrimp spring roll and almond jelly. After struggling for about 3 hours to cook, we finally made 4 kinds of foods. We all think they were delicious, especially because we had a hard time in cooking them. Moreover, we enjoyed chatting very much and ended the class with a great atisfaction. (#74, P3)

Unrivaled Calligraphy: Yan Zhenqing and His Legacy

We went to Tokyo National Museum to see the special exhibition of Yan Zhenqing. He is a great master of calligraphy in Chinese Tang Dynasty, 1,350 years ago. We, as Japanese are required to study Calligraphy at school, and both Kanji characters and calligraphy are must-learn subjects. One of his works, “Sai Tetsu Bunko”, which was introduced to the Japanese for the first time at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, was so popular that there was a long queue of people waiting to see them. I was a little surprised to see many Japanese visitors who are interested in calligraphy

Receiving Government Officials from Leshan

On a sunny day in May, 2019, six government officials from Leshan City visited Ichikawa. We brought them to the Guo Moruo Memorial Museum.
They enjoyed tea ceremony, watching Japanese dance and Noh “Genji” recitation conducted by IIA members. We had a wonderful time for international exchange.

2018 Ichikawa high school students visited Leshan 

From August 3 to 12, 7 high school students, 1 chaperone from the IIA Students and Youth Committee together with another chaperone from city office were dispatched to Leshan for the first time in 8 years. Departing airplane was delayed due to the typhoon on the first day and it took 22 hours to Chengdu. But after that they could come to Leshan City without any problems and visited Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei, world heritage, as well as the Guo Moruo Memorial Museum. They also visited Mayor at city hall, studied traditional culture and Chinese koto performance at the Culture and Arts Center, tried to perform Emeishan Kempo at Emeishan Wu Xue Xiao

Lunar New Year at China Town in Yokohama

It was the fourth visit for Leshan members to China town in Yokohama where the lunar New Year was being celebrated on February 16, 2018. We took group picture in front of Zenrin-Mon Gate. First, visiting to Guandi shrine before lunch, we bought long Chinese type incense sticks and prayed for lucky in money, health and school achievement. The most popular wish must be gaining money. Then we enjoyed lunch eating Beijing style Chinese foods which were popular in Lunar New Year while hearing from members the unknown background to make the treatment of the friendship city with Leshan. We were impressed in its story and thought it must be kept in record.
Around 4pm, the lion dance started with the big noise of firecrackers. The lion got in the restaurant and showed the lion dance. It bit the head of us, which brought luck to us.
It was very valuable day, eating tasty foods, knowing the history of friendship city and watching lion dance.

Youth delegation visited Ichikawa

Leshan Youth Delegation, consisted by eight students and two attendants, arrived at Ichikawa on July 31, 2017. They are students of the Leshan first Junior High School which Mr. Guo Moruo graduated. The group leader Mr. Zhang who came to Japan as the interpreter in 1998 first and this time too made the speech at the meeting ceremony that he hope both countries’ exchange will last forever. The students were introduced to the family they were going to stay.
The busy schedule started after this, making a courtesy visit to the mayor and the chair of the city council, visiting Subaru HS, sightseeing in Tokyo, visiting many places in Chiba (Kamogawa Sea World, Onjuku Fire Works, Katsuura Marine Park and the observatory floor at the aqua line) and famous places in Ichikawa.
They also enjoyed to stay in Japanese family, studying how to make thin pieces of dried bonito, soup of thin wheat noodle and trying to eat sliding noodle on a slanted opened bamboo. (soumen nagashi in Japanese) ,
They also experienced traditional tea ceremony in the host family and exchanged closely.
There was the farewell party that many IIA members attended and boosted up the mood. Two Chinese girls made the attractive modern Chinese dance and two boys played guitars harmonized with its dance. They were applauded pretty much.
They left Japan the next day with many splendid memories. I hoped both countries’ friendship last forever.

To visit China Town in Yokohama

It was a Lunar New year on January 28 this year and we, members of Leshan City Committee visited the Yokohama China Town on February 2, 2017. It was busy to cerebrate New Year there.
First, we visited Guandi shrine, a center of China town. We prayed to its statue after buying long incense sticks and offer them in five places. We asked many things there. A lot of putative Chinese were praying seriously. Some of us visited Szechuan last year as members of civil delegation and enjoyed very delicious Szechuan foods, so that we tried to find good Szechuan foods in China town. We found nice restaurant to serve Szechuan foods, not so hot and enjoyed its taste in Japan.
Around 4pm, the cerebration parade started on the street in front of the restaurant. It began from the big noise of fire crackers, followed by dragon dance, China’s Generals wearing stilt, Emperor's armor troops, beautiful ladies flag team and lastly many colors of lion dances. There were famous “Monkey King” in the parade.
We enjoyed full of New Year mood.

Mutual visits to celebrate 35th anniversary of the friendship city agreement
Ichikawa Civil friendship Delegation visited Leshan

This delegation together with the official one visited Leshan for one week on July 11th 2016. They visited the school which was built by the donation by Ichikawa citizen and Chinese support. They planted gingko and hoped to keep friendships forever. They toured to the famous Leshan Great Buddha Statue, the world heritage, seeing from the boat. The welcome dinner party was held. A Chinese Song and Dance Troup showed traditional dance and three Japanese played Japanese dances. They, of course, enjoyed famous hot Szechuan cuisines and ended fruitful trip though it was short.

Leshan Civil friendship Delegation visited Ichikawa

Leshan Official Delegation, six officers, visited Ichikawa between May 22nd and 25th, 2016. IIA held the welcome dinner party at the Grand Hotel in Ichikawa on 23rd. attending more than 90 members. Mayor Okubo made the congratulatory speech in Chinese and was well accepted. The deputy Mayor of Leshan replied as the thank-you speech that IIA Delegation came to support the Emeishan Tea Culture Convention in Leshan, being held between end of April and beginning of May. Shamisen, three-string music instrument, and Shakuhachi, bamboo flute, made beautiful sounds at the party and it was filled with peaceful circumstance. Ms. Narita, President of IIA, made the closing address, getting a big hand.
The delegation made visits to the clean center, sanitation facility, the Guo Moruo Memorial museum in the Suwada Park. Mr. Guo Moruo got born in Leshan and lived in Ichikawa. The Deputy Mayor wrote the letter in brush stroke and left it in the museum. After the success visit to Japan, they left for Australia to make friendship city exchange.
We hoped our Japan-China friendship last more and forever.

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